woweeeeee this is amazing!


IMG_1293As someone who is obsessed with the 50’s and 60’s I am always so delighted when I see modern editorials embracing my favorite eras of fashion and glamour. Thanks to tumblr I can always count on seeing the best of pinup editorials that travel at light speed and end up on my dash. I just spotted this one today and just had to feature it on my blog. This wonderful Pin-up Story was shot by Marc Philbert for Grazia France February 2013 issue. Model, Jenny Knoch, did a great job capturing the essence of the flirty 50’s in scantily clad lingerie ensembles that were styled to perfection thanks to Stephanie Brissay. The entire spread is adorable and god..what a relief, as I have seen so many modern editorials done so wrong. The makeup, the hair, and the outfits of this editorial is just perfect and so inspiring. I would love…

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